Mar. 11th, 2013

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393 emails this week of which 276 are labeled OTW - !General and 52 are labeled OTW – Board. My calendar says ~16 hour week (I have a spreadsheet and a chart - I aspire to things levelling out at some point)

The Meta thing now looks more like this:
  1. Decide we're going to do it AKA talk for ages then come to a decision (we did this)
  2. Discuss it a lot internally (we have been doing this)
  3. Publish the proposed revised Terms of Service (ToS) for people to comment on (draft public post being worked on so happening in the not too distant future)
  4. Discuss people's comments and feedback and revise again (after 3.)
  5. Depending on people's comments, like, if people all say 'hey, it should be more like this' and everyone seems to agree and we think it looks good too then we might be able to go straight to 6. or we might need to do 2-4 again.
  6. Publish the Terms of Service (ToS), make changes to the Abuse and Support policies so they match the Terms of Service.
  7. Make a Design for Meta on the AO3 and plan when to make code changes. This will probably take a while, we need to have 1-6 first PLUS we have limited coder resources AND we prioritise improving and fixing performance over new features - even very important ones. *loves on AD&T*

That thing I can't talk about that I didn't talk about last week or the week before that got approved and communicated internally is now being set up which is exciting (for me). Maybe one day I can talk about it ;)

I also chaired the Open Board meeting which was committee updates (next DevMem drive, what the next org-wide meeting topic should be, timetable for feedback on annual report draft, and me asking if ppl would be interested in a committee chair discussion group for general support and self-improvement. Point the last was later gently brought to my attention as a thing that VolCom plans to do so I have apologised for toe-stepping and offered my energy to support their plans *apologises again*

The Closed Board meeting was amazing, we talked about important things like “what would Axl Rose do” (Me, I live by What Would Modesty Blaise Do) and talked about Meta *points at checklist above* and what step seven might look like. I learned more about what the Category Change Workgroup is doing (yay Cat Change!) Then we had a long talk about feelings, mine in particular, how Boarding is working out for me and how I perceive the things that we’ve done. I appreciate how willing the Board is to talk to me about these kind of things, and to share experiences and perceptions. I am always aiming to create a safe enough space that people will talk to me, and trust me enough to share what’s going on for them* and I’m so glad the Boardroom is turning into one of those spaces.

FYI: the Board chatroom tag is “Group hug Time!”

*If I'm not and you can find a way to tell me I will always listen, and I will try to fix it.


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