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We are holding a global virtual conference on International Women's Day - March 8 2013 called Voices. We start in New Zealand at 10am and working our way around the world streaming sessions from women in every region to talk about technology, topics of interest to the technical women's community and to offer ideas and best practices on a regional, national and international level on how we can encourage more women in technology and inspire the women in this community.

This is an opportunity for women, no matter where they are on the planet, to access 30 hours of continuous coverage including: 
  1. Professional development by leading speakers in the Women in Tech community such as:
    • Jo Miller – “Resiliency defined”
    • Barbara Fittipaldi – “Hands on the Steering Wheel: A model for turning a breakdown into a breakthrough”
    • Stacey Sargent – “Inner success and inner critic”
    • Linda Bernardi – “The role of women in global companies. How do we push the envelope?”
    • Valerie Aurora - "The Power of Internet Activism."
  2.  Technical talks on virtualization, Open Source, and big data among others.
  3.  Connect with other women in the region, country and internationally.

The cost of this event is only $20 USD and attendees will have access to recordings of each session up to one month after the conclusion of the event. No travel, hotel or time off of work required. Please celebrate International Women's Day with us.


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