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584 emails this week of which 459 are labeled OTW - !General and 119 are labeled OTW – Board. My calendar says ~11 hour week.*updates tracking spreadsheet*

That OTW - !General spike is pure talk about Meta which should suprise no one. My calendar has entries on it that just read ALL THE EMAILS. It also has knitting and TV which is my current emotional survival process.

Looking back, if we were to do this again I would be arguing very strongly for a decision, followed by some serious talking with affected committee leads, which would hopefully make a plan going forward (like magic!). Also I think we need a someone like a project manager to coordinate the whole thing... we don't have roving all-OTW project managers *wistful* ... I haven't talked about this with anyone yet so this very much falls into the category of internal Maia rambles.

The Board has also approved something which I can't talk about yet but that make me happy - more news when I can talk about it.

I've been thinking about how to be better at a lot of things recently, talking to people, saying what I think and feel, working out what I want so I can tell people. Sometimes that's the hardest bit. I got reminded of Getting to Yes (PDF summary) which I have not read (the book, I've read the summary) but which came up in an MBA unit I did in 2010. I think the stuff about negotiating from issues not positions is pretty useful, we get a lot more out of negotiating when we know what worries the other person, what they really need.

[personal profile] facetofcathy also pointed out this cool tool, which gives you a reabability score on your writing. I tried to write to a score of 70 and this post has a score of 71.3 - how is that working for people? Am I readable? Understandable?
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454 emails this week of which 303 are labeled OTW - !General and 134 are labeled OTW – Board. The proportion of emails to IM chats is moving towards more chats. My calendar says ~15 hour week. I didn’t make it to a single official committee meeting which kind of blows my mind because it feels like this whole week has been All-OTW, all the time. *reads transcripts*

One of things I couldn’t talk about last week (Six weeks so far…) and the week before (Five weeks so far…) was Meta and you're lucky I only joined the board recently or I would have been not talking about it for over six months. if you're interested, my personal decision making process went a lot like this:
AO3 Meta according to Maia v2

I would like to emphasise that this is a Board decision, and while AD&T, Support and Comms are receiving the feedback, they are not the instigators. Keep communicating, this is important. Be kind, this is important too.

I am also open to continuing discussing it, this is an invitation to comment or PM me if you want to talk about it with me.

ETA: Also! HUGE thank you to J. who got up when I called him at 1:35am his time because the AO3 was down for logged out users. THANK YOU!


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