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378 emails this week of which 244 are labeled OTW - !General and 90 are labeled OTW – Board. My calendar says ~7 hour week.

The Meta thing still looks the same, we're in stages 4-5.

The fundraising drive was most excellent and getting DevMem's updates throughout the drive was very interesting. I believe sanders is going to do a write-up about donor patterns which I look forward to and will link when it happens. Thank you to everyone involved :D
  • Between April 3 and 9
  • We received 2,054 individual donations
  • Totaling US $ 53,243.99

The Annual Report is that -> <- much closer to being finished and RECRUITING IS NOW OPEN \o/ Ahem. This is now a significantly more organised process and a GREAT BIG thank you to VolCom for masterminding it.

There was a Board meeting. The Open session was updates about the membership drive, VolCom recruitment opening, Tag Wranglers have some interesting and useful suggestions for improving the wrangler and user experience, and Directors and Officers insurance is officially renewed (I hear the paperwork is substantial). The Closed Board session was productive, we agreed on some stuff I shan't be talking about, worked out who was going to write some stuff we need written, discussed some future plans I can't talk about, briefly tangented to talk about whether 'guys' is now gender neutral, then talked about some other future things one of which I shall be following up.

We have launched a joint Board-VolCom committee chair discussion group for general support and self-improvement (first discussed about five weeks ago) and the first round just started. I hope it is useful.

There was liaisoning, loitering in chat, and trying to explain Quokka to non-Australians. I am mildly disappointed "Quokka" does not appear in DW spell check :p
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So much work went into this, like, mind-boggling amounts of work.

This is one of the things I have not been talking about*, the amount of behind the scenes negotiating that went on around this document is huge. It's not just about content either, it's about how it gets created, who is involved, and whether various needs are acknowledged and met.

A serious hiccup was the Board composition changing twice since the Roadmap update project started. This impacted the content of the Roadmap as different issues became more visible, it also meant new people had to be brought up to speed, and a thumping great discussion about process happened.

I'm contemplating ofering to run a Retrospective, I think it could be useful, just trying to figure out how best to do it with a global virtual team. And, of course, if people want to do it :p
*publicly that is, I've been talking about it within OTW (and my kitchen) all the time.
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422 emails passed through my account this week, of which 320 were tagged OTW – !General and 126 were tagged OTW – Board. My calendar says 20 hours spent doing Org stuff this week – emails, meetings, chats, reading. I am going to pretend it is accurate because it makes me feel better about my time management skills and my weekend :p

The Board meeting was at 4am, I slept then read the transcript instead. This also happened for AD&T and DevMem *waves from the past*. I went to 1, count ‘em ONE actual meeting which was Wiki, where I got to see the team in action - all planning-ey and focused.

My Manifesto
went up on the OTW blogs, and a correction has been made for which I owe an apology to everyone who worked hard to form the Tag Wrangling Committee.
  • I would very much like to convey my gratitude that people felt comfortable enough to correct me, that I in no way intended to diminish or obscure the vast amount of work done by these people, and that I apologise for any hurt feelings and will try to be more considerate in future.
Updatey stuff in more detail
  • Board: I’m reading Still Willing to Serve results compiled by the fabulous VolCom; we discussed some tools, accounts and spending approved; there was some ferocious and heartfelt discussion about stuff I cannot talk about at present; some procedural stuff designed to make things flow better; a volunteer to write me drabble(s) based on the terrible fact that my name is occasionally spell-checked to Mafia Bubonic; and a lot of emails.
  • AD&T is deep in deploy planning (as always) but also planning an ‘interlude’ in May(ish) which would involve dedicated cross-committee communication and long term planning as well as my favourite goal: clean up some organizational cruft and infuse everything with the green-apple smell of sunshine and spring and rainbows.
  • DevMem is planning too, as is Wiki but I’m not sure how much of that is shareable so I shall err on the side of discretion for now.

Other stuff included trying to find a personality / communication style tool I was introduced to some years ago and failing but finding something close enough (I am totally Blue and would rank them Blue - Orange - Green – Gold). I also revisited Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions – you can compare your country to another country!

Sometimes I hit communication problems and I’m thinking having a process where we can stop, tell people what we need, ask what they need, and THEN try to work through issues might make some things better. Plus I want people to get more into the habit of talking about how they feel, and how they are experiencing our meetings / chats / processes so we can spend less time on misunderstandings and more time on pictures of kittens and Org stuff.
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First meeting of the year! 1am my time, and our new chair's as well as they were in Singapore.

We'll get a bit more formal and structured as the year progresses, this was mostly updates and planning.
  • Server move: we have moved to the new database server and are working on the application servers (we being Systems, or James to be specific)
  • January Deploy: on schedule assuming we don't run into major issues during testing
  • Tester numbers: low - we've plans to address this (so you know, come volunteer) but need to go easy on testing team as this takes time
  • API: we need one (Mobile App, Open Doors), earliest would be April (see next point)
  • Future deploys: schedule to be fiercely discussed over the next week
  • Open Doors is a priority, communication to start at once.
Finished at 3:20 so I figured I'd stay up for Board at 4 am.


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