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390 emails passed through my account this week, of which 108 were tagged “OTW - Board” and I spent maybe 5 hours of meetings plus some chatting... my calendar says it was a 10-15 hour week.

Board meeting was at 2pm on Sunday. V. civilised, many thanks to ppl who stayed up late into their night for me. *grins*

We did quick committee updates in the Cross-Committee meeting room which kind of summarises to ‘people! people are doing stuff!” then retired to Board to talk about fun things like budgets, communication and items to keep an eye on. We had a passionate discussion about something I can’t talk about yet (I’m going to be saying that a lot, aren’t I) and then I found more documents I should get familiar with. Yay Survey!

I’m writing a ‘get you know you’ Q&A and wrestling with how to talk about how I feel about Transparency and Diversity... I mean I know how I feel but getting that into words is proving difficult. I'll keep poking it.

This made me sad: An uncertain future for one of fandom's largest organizations. As much as I appreciate size being important it's a bit low on accuracy (to be fair, some corrections have been posted) and a bit high on hype. I'm also sad they didn't mention Francesca's title as Wolf Visiting Professor of Television Studies because that cannot be said too many times. Wolf Professor!

Our future is not uncertain, our future is going to be excellent.

Festivids \o/
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Mmmm 4am

More email traffic, liaisons 95% done and 100% done by end of meeting. I am the new liaison for
  • Accessibility, Design & Technology (AD&T) - I am also a staffer so this will be both the easiest in terms of knowledge and the hardest in terms of balancing relationships
  • Development & Membership - need to get in touch and start dialogue
  • Wiki - Tiyire (chair) contacted me immediately and we're catching up over what we can achieve together and what that might look like
Board meeting started in Cross-Committee room doing a brief update on our liaisoning (shush, it's a word now) then moved to Board to talk about 'stuff.' I wish it was the kind of stuff I could ramble about but it's people and feelings stuff so I shall just say that the board cares a lot and works hard to treat people and feelings like important things.

Sanders gave a quick $ update, I requested a bouncy castle. We did quietly nudge the ByLaws on the website to an updated state with the kind help of Communications and Web Masters. Yay Kristen! We talked about Liaison Agreements for Committees (we think they are good things - template from last year in use) and the Board Role (we think it should be clearly defined)

We have agreed on three times for Board meetings which we will rotate between - one is even during daylight hours in Australia \o/
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Technically I think we're on some sort of hiatus which is a fantastic idea and I have devoted some of the past week to holiday type activities. Happy New Year BTW :)

There has been Board-ish traffic in email form, mostly to do with finalising chairs / committee liaisons and last minute additions to committees (this feels very familiar but from the other side - usually I was madly proposing new ppl for my committee). We also approved a minor budget item - exciting!

I have been networking, partly to get to know people I'll be working with *waves to AD&T, Open Doors and Comms* and I have a lot more chatting to go :) If you think I should be talking to you and I haven't gotten around to it yet do please nudge me, I'm shamelessly taking advantage of people when they turn up near me so it's not a very scientific process.

Right now we're talking about what went well in the past years, what didn't go so well, how we might look to improve things, how *I* might help contribute to that and I say the word 'strategic plan' suspiciously often... well it feels like a single word ;p

Two very specific topics I could chase up straight away is AO3 backups (ETA we're looking to store offsite as well as locally to reduce risk of catastrophic loss but....$ so let's try and get it as right as possible We do have offsite backups in our second datacenter, we are discussing our data retention policy with regards to long term storage and shipping the backups off to Amazon Glacier as a tertiary location.) and AO3 emails vanishing as spam (do we continue to host/manage ourselves or do we outsource?). We're lucky to know such excellent people as [staff profile] denise and [personal profile] skud who are willing to share what they know and share their time - thank you!
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Hello and welcome to my legal-name journal created to express my enthusiasm for all things boardy.

The official announcement is on the Transformativeworks website and I offer my thanks to Francesca and Naomi (who are stepping down) for the many hours they have devoted to both creating the OTW and keeping its many balls in the air.

If you're interested in my past involvement in the OTW then the arty bit is on the AO3, and my blogging as an OTW volunteer on my more personal journal.

In short: I'm a Western Australian, I'm in IT and have been for many years, I've (I like to think successfully) chaired an OTW committee before, and I think things like organisational culture, communication and succession planning are important.

At present I've attended one Board meeting at the exciting time of 4am to do basic induction-ish type things and to start building relationships with the other board members. While I'm familiar with many of the people on the board I've not had the fortune to work closely with them before. I'll be acting as liaison for a couple of committees and generally participating in (yet to be identified) board activities.

The most exciting thing that's happened so far was explaining the OTW, the AO3 and Transformative Works to my manager at work (we declare things like other employment and potential conflicts of interest) which led to a conversation about 50 Shades of Grey and me using the word porn rather more than usual in a work environment. *grins*

My intention is to be as open and communicative as possible and this DW has been created to reflect this. I'm leaving anon commenting on and ask only that if you want a reply from me, you sign your comment (even if it's with an "X") so I can keep track of who I'm talking to. If commenting is not your thing, feel free to email me at maia dot bobrowicz at gmail.

I'm looking forward to the 2013 term and I hope we can do good things and have some fun along the way.

Cheers, Maia


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