Apr. 15th, 2013

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378 emails this week of which 244 are labeled OTW - !General and 90 are labeled OTW – Board. My calendar says ~7 hour week.

The Meta thing still looks the same, we're in stages 4-5.

The fundraising drive was most excellent and getting DevMem's updates throughout the drive was very interesting. I believe sanders is going to do a write-up about donor patterns which I look forward to and will link when it happens. Thank you to everyone involved :D
  • Between April 3 and 9
  • We received 2,054 individual donations
  • Totaling US $ 53,243.99

The Annual Report is that -> <- much closer to being finished and RECRUITING IS NOW OPEN \o/ Ahem. This is now a significantly more organised process and a GREAT BIG thank you to VolCom for masterminding it.

There was a Board meeting. The Open session was updates about the membership drive, VolCom recruitment opening, Tag Wranglers have some interesting and useful suggestions for improving the wrangler and user experience, and Directors and Officers insurance is officially renewed (I hear the paperwork is substantial). The Closed Board session was productive, we agreed on some stuff I shan't be talking about, worked out who was going to write some stuff we need written, discussed some future plans I can't talk about, briefly tangented to talk about whether 'guys' is now gender neutral, then talked about some other future things one of which I shall be following up.

We have launched a joint Board-VolCom committee chair discussion group for general support and self-improvement (first discussed about five weeks ago) and the first round just started. I hope it is useful.

There was liaisoning, loitering in chat, and trying to explain Quokka to non-Australians. I am mildly disappointed "Quokka" does not appear in DW spell check :p


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