Mar. 25th, 2013

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404 emails this week of which 217 are labeled OTW - !General and 71 are labeled OTW – Board. My calendar says ~8 hour week.

The Meta thing still looks like this:
  1. Decide we're going to do it AKA talk for ages then come to a decision (we did this)
  2. Discuss it a lot internally (we have been doing this)
  3. Publish the proposed revised Terms of Service (ToS) for people to comment on (public post up for comment) (145 comments so far)
  4. Discuss people's comments and feedback and revise again (after 3.)
  5. Depending on people's comments, like, if people all say 'hey, it should be more like this' and everyone seems to agree and we think it looks good too then we might be able to go straight to 6. or we might need to do 2-4 again.
  6. Publish the Terms of Service (ToS), make changes to the Abuse and Support policies so they match the Terms of Service.
  7. Make a Design for Meta on the AO3 and plan when to make code changes. This will probably take a while, we need to have 1-6 first PLUS we have limited coder resources AND we prioritise improving and fixing performance over new features - even very important ones. *loves on AD&T*

That thing I can't talk about that I didn't talk about last week or the week before x3, that got approved and communicated internally is still, still in the works. One day!

All-Org meeting this week which means we only do a Closed Board meeting and not an Open Session. I chaired and we powered through four things that we wanted to talk about, none of which I can talk about here /o\. I can say it was fruitful, cooperative, and everything I could ask for in a meeting including the bit with the bear.

One of those things is a personal project taking shape that I look forward to talking about more :)

As always, please comment, ask questions, express opinions or do what you feel comfortable with.


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