Jan. 21st, 2013

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390 emails passed through my account this week, of which 108 were tagged “OTW - Board” and I spent maybe 5 hours of meetings plus some chatting... my calendar says it was a 10-15 hour week.

Board meeting was at 2pm on Sunday. V. civilised, many thanks to ppl who stayed up late into their night for me. *grins*

We did quick committee updates in the Cross-Committee meeting room which kind of summarises to ‘people! people are doing stuff!” then retired to Board to talk about fun things like budgets, communication and items to keep an eye on. We had a passionate discussion about something I can’t talk about yet (I’m going to be saying that a lot, aren’t I) and then I found more documents I should get familiar with. Yay Survey!

I’m writing a ‘get you know you’ Q&A and wrestling with how to talk about how I feel about Transparency and Diversity... I mean I know how I feel but getting that into words is proving difficult. I'll keep poking it.

This made me sad: An uncertain future for one of fandom's largest organizations. As much as I appreciate size being important it's a bit low on accuracy (to be fair, some corrections have been posted) and a bit high on hype. I'm also sad they didn't mention Francesca's title as Wolf Visiting Professor of Television Studies because that cannot be said too many times. Wolf Professor!

Our future is not uncertain, our future is going to be excellent.

Festivids \o/
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Kristen, fellow boardmember and chair of Devmem and I got together to agree on our Board Liaison Agreement. This was pretty easy, we stole Finance’s from last year and tweaked it to meet our needs. Mostly this is about who does what, when and how we communicate, which I can see being very useful as starting point to this liaising gig.

We've talked goals for the year and how to go about making them achievable and this is a subject of great interest to us! Those goals will further develop as DevMem works on them. they are not unusual goals, they have to do with good planning, and communication and being able to pass things on over time. I like these kinds of goals :)

I also clearly haven't donated recently enough because I've become aware that one of the donation premiums is a kudos water bottle which I am now eying lovingly from afar *logs into PayPal*.
OTw Kudos Waterbottle


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