Jan. 14th, 2013

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First meeting of the year! 1am my time, and our new chair's as well as they were in Singapore.

We'll get a bit more formal and structured as the year progresses, this was mostly updates and planning.
  • Server move: we have moved to the new database server and are working on the application servers (we being Systems, or James to be specific)
  • January Deploy: on schedule assuming we don't run into major issues during testing
  • Tester numbers: low - we've plans to address this (so you know, come volunteer) but need to go easy on testing team as this takes time
  • API: we need one (Mobile App, Open Doors), earliest would be April (see next point)
  • Future deploys: schedule to be fiercely discussed over the next week
  • Open Doors is a priority, communication to start at once.
Finished at 3:20 so I figured I'd stay up for Board at 4 am.
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Mmmm 4am

More email traffic, liaisons 95% done and 100% done by end of meeting. I am the new liaison for
  • Accessibility, Design & Technology (AD&T) - I am also a staffer so this will be both the easiest in terms of knowledge and the hardest in terms of balancing relationships
  • Development & Membership - need to get in touch and start dialogue
  • Wiki - Tiyire (chair) contacted me immediately and we're catching up over what we can achieve together and what that might look like
Board meeting started in Cross-Committee room doing a brief update on our liaisoning (shush, it's a word now) then moved to Board to talk about 'stuff.' I wish it was the kind of stuff I could ramble about but it's people and feelings stuff so I shall just say that the board cares a lot and works hard to treat people and feelings like important things.

Sanders gave a quick $ update, I requested a bouncy castle. We did quietly nudge the ByLaws on the website to an updated state with the kind help of Communications and Web Masters. Yay Kristen! We talked about Liaison Agreements for Committees (we think they are good things - template from last year in use) and the Board Role (we think it should be clearly defined)

We have agreed on three times for Board meetings which we will rotate between - one is even during daylight hours in Australia \o/
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