Jan. 6th, 2013

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Technically I think we're on some sort of hiatus which is a fantastic idea and I have devoted some of the past week to holiday type activities. Happy New Year BTW :)

There has been Board-ish traffic in email form, mostly to do with finalising chairs / committee liaisons and last minute additions to committees (this feels very familiar but from the other side - usually I was madly proposing new ppl for my committee). We also approved a minor budget item - exciting!

I have been networking, partly to get to know people I'll be working with *waves to AD&T, Open Doors and Comms* and I have a lot more chatting to go :) If you think I should be talking to you and I haven't gotten around to it yet do please nudge me, I'm shamelessly taking advantage of people when they turn up near me so it's not a very scientific process.

Right now we're talking about what went well in the past years, what didn't go so well, how we might look to improve things, how *I* might help contribute to that and I say the word 'strategic plan' suspiciously often... well it feels like a single word ;p

Two very specific topics I could chase up straight away is AO3 backups (ETA we're looking to store offsite as well as locally to reduce risk of catastrophic loss but....$ so let's try and get it as right as possible We do have offsite backups in our second datacenter, we are discussing our data retention policy with regards to long term storage and shipping the backups off to Amazon Glacier as a tertiary location.) and AO3 emails vanishing as spam (do we continue to host/manage ourselves or do we outsource?). We're lucky to know such excellent people as [staff profile] denise and [personal profile] skud who are willing to share what they know and share their time - thank you!


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